Asian Rhinoplasty Houston

Our goal with the Asian rhinoplasty is to create a nose that is compatible with the Asian face. While the goal of Caucasian nose surgery is usually to make the nose smaller or to remove a hump, the goal for the Asian rhinoplasty is usually to make  the nose more prominent.

Dr. James Tang on Asian Rhinoplasty Houston Procedures

The material we typically use for making the nose higher  is silicone, similar to the material used in breast implants.  Silicone plastic bridges have been used for over fifty years and have proven to be very safe for Asian nose surgery.   Some surgeons have advocated using autogenous tissue (tissue from a patient’s rib, skull, or ear) to build a nose bridge.   But we have found that this is not necessary in most of my Asian patients.  We use a preformed silicone implant that is L-shaped.   We make a pocket over the nasal bones and between the nostrils.  The implants comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and comes pre-sterilized.  We choose the one best suited for each patient.  The incision can be made on the underside of the nose with a scar that is virtually invisible or can be made on the inside of the upper lip with no external scar at all.

Some patients with wide nostrils may also want narrowing of the nostrils in a procedure called the “Weir excision”.  This can be done at the same time as a nasal augmentation or separately.  This procedure is to correct wide or “flaring” of the nostrils.  There may be a small narrowing effect from just elevating the bridge of the nose.

Because the bones are not usually fractured as part of an Asian rhinoplasty, we do not find the need to have patients undergo general anesthesia with intubation (breathing tube). Our personal preference is intravenous sedation (“twilight anesthesia”). Our large experience with Asian rhinoplasties has allowed us to become very time efficient, with most cases taking less than one hour, with minimal bleeding. Most people are able to return to work within 3 to 4 days.  Stitches are removed in one week to 10 days.

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