Botox Injections for Hypertrophic Masseter Muscles

by James Tang, MD

Now there is a treatment for people with wide, “chipmunk” appearing cheeks, due to hypertrophic masseter muscles.  These are the muscles along the sides of our cheeks that can give a very wide looking face if these muscles are over developed.  These muscles are used for chewing along with several other muscles and can now be treated with botox to give the face a slimmer appearance without affecting the function of chewing.  Treatment is with three to five injections to each side of the face directly into the masseter muscle with 2 units of botox per injection.  Botox is a neurotoxin in an injectable solution which inhibits nerve conduction to muscles.   Within a few days the effect will be quite noticeable and the effects last from six months to a year.  It is possible to repeat treatments every six months if needed.  The treatments are painless and there is no down time.  Cost is from $350 to $500 per treatment.  Call us at 281-955-0115 if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.