Choosing implant size

One of the best ways you can communicate to your plastic surgeon the size of implant you want is to show him pictures of women who have the size that visually you desire. If you have chosen a good plastic surgeon he should be well educated and experienced in assessing what size implant that would translate to for you. Bring in several pictures to your consultation to show him, including things you may want to avoid.

Your plastic surgeon may have you “try on” different implant sizes to see what feels right on you. A common mistake and something that is very important thing to keep in mind, is that it is best to avoid getting stuck on an idealized cup size. Try to stay open to what feels best for you. There are many contributing factors to creating an ideal cup size; things to take into account like ribcage size, chest shape and height, and these factors can make a certain cup size on one woman look like an entirely different size on another.

The key thing to remember is go into your consultation with some idea of what you want and an open mind. Do not get overly attached a cup size just because so and so has that cup size.  Take the time to find what flatters your body best. Above all, find a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon whom you trust to help steer you in the right direction.