Liposuction - Before

What Can Be Expected After Liposuction Surgery?

The patient may leave the operating room shortly after the surgery is completed and must be driven home by another adult. Medication is prescribed for postoperative pain relief which is usually needed for only one or two days, and antibiotics are taken for four to five days to prevent infection. The girdle should be worn for six to eight weeks following surgery.

The patient comes back the office after several days, usually five to ten days, to have the sutures removed and treated areas checked. If there are any unusual symptoms occurring between office visits, such as heavy bleeding, sudden increase in pain, redness, or swelling, the doctor should be contacted immediatly.

While most of the swelling and discoloration will be gone a month or two after surgery, some Liposuction - Afterswelling can remain for six months or more.

Patients usually can return to work within two to three days. Follow-up office visits will be scheduled to monitor progress.