New and Improved Buttock Implants

Posted by James Tang, MD

I have been doing buttock, or gluteal, augmentation for several years, and have tried a number of implants made by different manufacturers.  I have even tried injecting a patient’s own fat into her buttocks in a procedure called the “Brazilian Butt-lift”.  However, I have found that the fat tends to be resorbed by the patient’s own body and the effect of the fat injection will gradually fade and disappear over time.  Although buttock implants are permanent, up to now, I have not been completely satisfied with them for a number of reasons.  All the buttock implants are made of silicone, the same material that has been used successfully in breast implants for over forty years.  It is an inert substance, but up to now, most buttock implants made of silicone are too firm and do not feel natural.  Now a company called Implantech has made a new buttock implant that is far superior to others that are currently available.  It is much softer and more natural feeling.  It comes in three different sizes from 280 cc’s to 430 cc’s.  It comes in a teardrop shape with a smooth surface.  This procedure is done under general anesthesia and the recovery time is about one week.  Post operative pain is minimal.  The results are very natural and pleasing.  This will be of great benefit with women who feel that they do not have enough contour to their buttock areas.  Just call 281-955-0115 to set up a free initial consultation.